A story of two families who shared the same passion.


Audry Signature
Audry First Generation Bottles
Audry First Generation
Audry First Generation Bottles

Our story begins in 1878, when Auguste Edmond AUDRY starts the cognac house A.Edmond Audry & Cie. He had the vision to produce the best quality cognac. Very soon, the Maison started to gain popularity beyond France for the perfection of its distillation.

Audry First Generation 2
Audry Second Generation Bottles

The second generation sees the addition of the Boisson family when Odette Audry marries Aristide Boisson in 1905. A. Edmond’s daughter and Aristide had great ambitions for the Maison and they decide to make improvements to the cellar and laboratory.



Odette and Aristide have a son, Henri, in 1907. Holding the fort, he pursues the family’s vision throughout the troubled period of two world wars. In 1955, he passes away and leaves behind a precious stock of eaux-de-vie.

Audry Third Generation
Audry Third Generation Bottles


Audry Fourth Generation
Cognac Audry Collection Six Bottles

In 1984, Henri’s son, Bernard revives the cognac house. 40 years after Henri passes away, his collection of eaux-de-vie has become an exceptional and rare treasure.
With the support of his wife Michelle, he plays a key role in the house history by developing the house brand within the Michelin-starred chef community, as well as the best restaurants in France and overseas.

Audry Fifth Generation Bottles


In 2022, A. Edmond’s fifth generation, Anne and Renaud, hold fast to the vision of the house. They bring their individual personalities with the end goal of uncompromising quality, taking the brand to new heights.

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